Get GPX Route

First get a route on the map using "Get Directions". Then use "Get GPX" to download a GPX file for GPS navigation. Note: business names will not work for GPX; use a street address or lat,long position

From: To: NoHwy Walk
OR generate GPX from a single-destination Google Maps URL:(route may be edited)


Formatted Directions Map

Map centre is:,

Based on Google Maps JavaScript API Example: Advanced Directions
Geocoding and directions are derived from Google Maps and Google Earth, and are subject to the same usage restrictions as those services.

TRK (track) format will work as a route in Maemo Mapper. RTE (route) format will work as a route for some Garmin GPS sets via MapSource software.

The GPX conversion service should work for live route downloads in Maemo Mapper.

See also this page to find lat/long from a map or street address

Andrew Daviel.